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I give myself good advice, but I very seldom follow it. - Alice, Alice in Wonderland

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Zach: Oh my god. You’re the man. You’re perfect!
[Frankie kisses forehead]
Zach: Dude, you and I are killing it.
Frankie: So good. We’re gonna fucking win this. Goodnight, I’ll see you in the final 2!
Zach: Goodnight, Frankie. I love you.
Frankie: I love you SO much. We’re gonna fucking kill this.
Zach: We’re great friends, dude. You’re the fucking man.
Frankie: Can’t wait to meet your little broski and play golf with him and for you to meet my sister.
Zach: Oh my gosh! That would actually be my dream: Us just chillin’, playing golf, you meeting my little broski. It’s gonna happen cause we’re walking out with fat checks!
Frankie: Oh my gosh. Awesome. Ugh, we’re such a good team. Zankie to the end!
Zach: Dude, we are a good fucking team.
Frankie: We are.
Zach: We really are. We complement each other SO fucking WELL.
Frankie: Mhm
Zach: And you keep me in check like no one else.
Frankie: That’s true.
Zach: Which is the most important thing cause I can fucking get crazy.
Frankie: I love you. We are a good team. And you get to do all the shit that I can’t do because—
Zach: I don’t give a fuck!
Frankie: It’ll make me look like shit.
Zach: Exactly. It’s perfect.
Frankie: And you already look like shit. It is perfect.
Zach: Dude, it’s PERFECT! You’re like the nicest guy that loves everyone; I’m the guy that walks around hating everyone.
Frankie: I know. No one would ever suspect that we’re doing anything together. Like, literally. Even Christine is like, ‘Ugh, god. I can’t believe you have to share that room with him.’ I’m like, ‘I know. It’s terrible.’
Zach: [Cracks up] I love to hear that!
Frankie: She’s like, ‘You’re such an angel for doing that for him.’ I’m like, ‘I know. It’s such a chore.’
Zach: That makes me so happy.
Frankie: ‘What a burden.’ This was before you made up, but still; it’s funny. Cause literally, even Nicole was like ‘I can’t believe you didn’t know about the speech’ and I’m like, ‘I know.’
Both: [crack up]
Zach: Ugh, it’s perfect. This game is so fun when you’re good at it.
Frankie: Yeah, it is. You did good today.
Zach: Dude, I did very well today.
[small talk about Caleb]
Frankie: Mm. I’m so happy.
Zach: Perfect.
Frankie: Such a good night.
Zach: Amazing.
Frankie: Goodnight, Team Zankie.
Zach: Goodnight, Zankie! God, that’s such a cute name!
Frankie: We’re the cutest people on Earth.
Zach: It’s so quiche!
Frankie: You think there’s so many people tweeting “Team Zankie”?
Zach: After tonight? YES.
Frankie: Yeah, absolutely.
Zach: We are totally trending on Twitter.
[Lays head on Frankie’s back]
Zach: Ah. I could just sleep on you.
Frankie: I know. I love you.
Zach: Ugh, god. We’re perfect. Too bad I’m not gay, right?!
Frankie: I would marry you
Zach: [laughs/kisses Frankie’s back]
Frankie: I absolutely would marry you. I would marry you. You’d be having the best sex of your life.
Zach: [Grunts]
Frankie: It would be really kinda perfect.
Zach: [laughs]
Frankie: You just keep thinking about it.
Zach: Okay. [laughs]
Frankie: Like I can imagine fully hooking up.
Zach: [Giggles] Frankie! Oh you’re too much. I love it, though. I love everything about you.
Frankie: I love everything about you, too.
Zach: It’s a match made in heaven; A match made in Big Brother heaven.
Frankie: It really was.


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